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Surmeno Connection
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The Surmeno Connection is a Peer Support group for women in Surgical Menopause. TSC also provides an accompanying website at surmeno.org with additional information and resources.
SPADE - Surgical Menopause and Young Hysterectomy Support Group
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This group is focused on providing conversations, community and support for women experiencing the life changes that come with surgical menopause. Our hope is to provide a place for encouragement and positive energy, particularly for women that made this medical decision before the age of 40. Even more so for women that made this medical decision prior to having any biological children.
PMDD, Oophorectomy, Hysterectomy, & Life After
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A group ONLY for women & AFAB individuals who suffer(ed) from PMDD and had a hysterectomy (full or partial) with removal of one or both ovaries. This is a place of support and to connect with others on the same journey into surgical menopause.